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Sep 23, 2018

Despite all the talk and new technology, buying a car today is not drastically different from yesteryears. The reasons why may vary depending on who you talk with, and some believe that today‚Äôs website widgets, often referred to as Digital Retailing software, offer car buyers a better experience.Hubert Vester Auto...

Sep 21, 2018

In this episode we have our interview with Cliff Banks of, recorded last month for AutoConverse ON AIR, our live weekly broadcast, after it was announced that CDK would be partnering with Lyft Concierge and integrating with the new Fortellis platform. Also discussed is Cox Automotive's acquisition of...

Sep 14, 2018

This week on ON AIR we welcome back Bill Playford and DJ Snyder to talk about Customer Loyalty, Retention, and Repeat Business for Auto Retailers as well as the latest on CDK and Lyft with the Fortellis Platform.