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Sep 27, 2022

In this episode: Honda, LG announce $4.4 billion US battery factory for EVs; GM Set To Invest $491 Million Into EV Upgrades For Indiana Plant; Intel breaks ground on its $20b chip plant; General Motors To Be First Client Partner For NBCUnified; Tesla Cranking Out 6,500 Powerwalls, 9K Battery Packs A Week In Nevada; GM's self-driving car unit to offer driverless rides in Phoenix, Austin this year; Tesla is building four enormous Supercharger locations in California; General Motors and Kroger launching electric grocery cart; GM to sell up to 175,000 electric vehicles to Hertz through 2027; Why is a NASA spacecraft crashing into an asteroid? Plus…Auto industry insider shares crazy Info about the centralized bank system and the impending used car bubble. Brought to you in part by Morning Brew. Support this podcast with our affiliate link and earn free stuff.